Val Wiseman:
Voted best British jazz vocalist in 2008, gained recognition for her stunning portrayal of Billie Holiday in her hugely successful stage-show "Lady Sings The Blues". Val also stars in "Sophisticated Lady" a tribute to the music of Duke Ellington, "Jazz Goes To The Movies" a celebration of jazz on film and "Swinging Down Memory Lane" featuring songs from the American songbook. Her highly acclaimed album "Just For A Thrill" on Mainstem was produced and arranged by Brian Dee.

Brian Dee:
Brian's long association with Val began when he took over as musical director on "Lady Sings The Blues." Voted Melody Maker's "New Star Of The Year" in the 1960s his distinguished broadcasting and recording career includes residencies at the world famous Ronnie Scott's in London and in the Ted Heath Orchestra.
He has also accompanied top legends Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee and Elton John.

Working with Brian Dee on this project over the past twelve months has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling episodes of my life! When I first approached him with my idea, knowing he had little knowledge of the work of the Brontёs, I half expected him to decline. Yet somehow, he has tapped into the very essence of the lyrics with what I can only describe as a masterstroke of musical genius. Likewise, with the four Brontё poems, his sensitivity and vast experience shines through every piece.
Here then is our offering. An affectionate and respectful tribute to the family who have inspired so many generations of artists, composers and dramatists.
Val Wiseman

Val Wiseman: Voice
Brian Dee: Keyboards, arrangements
John Hamilton: Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Recorded at EQ Studios, London Feb - Sept 2008
Production: Val Wiseman and Brian Dee
Engineered, mixed and mastered by John Hamilton at EQ Studios:
Manufactured by Sound Discs Ltd.

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All material 2009 Val Wiseman/Brian Dee, Copyright Control. MCPS/PRS

Keeping the Flame Alive

1. To the Heights  9. Down City Streets
2. Don't Leave Him Now 10. Augusta
3. Lady of Wildfell 11. You Came Into My life
4. Blanche 12. In a Wood on a Windy Day
5. Love Obey the Rules 13. Regret
6. Mademoiselle Henri 14. The Man With the Frown
7. Dear Sir 15. To Imagination
8. True Friends 16. Keeping the Flame Alive

Keeping the Flame Alive

Don't Leave Him Now


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Just for a Thrill

Val Wiseman & The Brian Dee Trio
with Bruce Adams & Jim Mullen

Sophisticated Lady

Val Wiseman
with Martin Litton's Ellingtonians

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